Porn Dao

Black Gams That Pass For Miles


“I dream your forearms have been on my gams,” says black princess, Roxy. “And I dream that you must see me fellate in this stiletto and my feet like a ding dong mcdork! I do know you love to witness how I fellate my feet and wank my frigs within the areas in inbetween. It makes me naughty, too. I love to get uber-cute and naughty after which touch my cigar box with my footwear and smack my ham wallet with my feet till I spunk for you. And do not suppose that I’d ever turn down you coming all over the place the feet of my soles. I will be able to slobber all over the place my soles to get them uber-cute and raw after which crinkle them up and get them prepared to take your molten stream. It perceives so excellent that my cigar box runs in rivulets serious about it.”

Date: September 1, 2021